Reflection on Goals of 2017

Its that time of the year where we all reflect on what we accomplished and whats coming up next. This year i did make some progress in what i had hoped to achieve, so overall a happy camper.

Run the Standard Chartered Marathon

Tick! I completed the standard chartered full marathon in December, but in 6 hours unfortunately. I had aimed for a 5 hour finish but the mental part of the race stopped me from running the last 15KM. Better luck next time!

Standard Chartered Marathon 2017
Standard Chartered Marathon 2017

Complete JLPTN5 Certification (Japanese Beginners)

This one was a miss. I only have myself to fault for why this did not get done. I will get this completed in 2018!

Travel around South East Asia

A big part of why I’m in Singapore is so that I can travel. In the 1st six months we really ramped up our travels, going somewhere once a month. Though by the 2nd half we started to slow down because it got way too tiring to organise, research, and cram into our weekends. This year i managed to visit the following cities (I’ve linked some of the earlier posts on what I did in each place)



Ho Chi Minh City

Johor Bahru

Kuala Lumpur






Settle down overseas

I’ve worked for more than 12 months now in the same role and am settled in quite frankly. I’ve moved apartment once so I know how hard it is to move without having a car to drive (luckily we have Grab…), and I’ve met some really awesome people while abroad. So here’s to more fun and games in the new year!