Japan 2016 – Review – Red Planet Asakusa

Red Planet Asakusa is a relatively new hotel chain located in the heart of Asakusa.Β On our last holiday in Tokyo, we stayed mostly in Shinjuku, which we were very happy with. Feeling a little bit thriftier this time around, we decided to base ourselves for a few days in Asakusa. It helped that we didnt get a good chance to explore the area last time around because I came down with a nasty flu πŸ™

Getting to Red Planet Asakusa

We got off at Tawaramachi station on the Ginza line after coming over from Yokohama. From the station it was about 10 minutes to walk, so not too far if you are wheeling over bags. The hotel is on one of the main roads, with plenty of convenience stores and restaurants to keep you busy!


Once inside, you are greeted by a friendly bunch of concierges. This hotel must be popular with Chinese tourists, because I noticed that the front desk staff were fluent in mandarin. Anyway, they spoke perfect English as well so that definitely helps!

Its a smaller hotel, so don’t expect huge lobbies like Hotel Sunroute Shinjuku, but it is really cute and has a warm feeling to it. There is a wall on the side with Post-it notes for you to fill out with feedback and comments. The usual computers are available if you need to print stuff, as well as some comfy seats while you wait.

These guys do have a coffee machine you can buy coffee from, as well as vending machines if you need a buzz.

The Room

Inside the room, you have everything that you would expect. The beds are comfortable and a refreshing change from the stiff Japanese mattresses and flat pillows you may have gotten used to from Japanese hotels. There is a lot of space, again in comparison with other hotels closer to the city centre. There is also a very handy spot for your luggage underneath the bed, so you can actually roam around the room πŸ™‚


Our view from the room itself πŸ™‚


Even better at night:


The shower is great to use. Its one of those fancy shower heads as you can see below. Nice assortment of hair/soap products with green tea essence.




Overall, I’d highly recommend this hotel for a short or long stay in Tokyo. Pros and Cons below for the lazy folk!

+ Relatively affortable / cheap accommodation for those wanting to stay in a Hotel. Approximately ~$140 AUD per night, compared to +$200 AUD for lower quality rooms in more central areas.
+ Close to alot of restaurants, shops, and attractions in Asakusa
+ Close to public transportation, so this can be used as a hub to travel elsewhere
+ Quieter (but not silent!) from the really noisy and popular tourist areas like Shinjuku or Ginza

I honestly cannot think of any cons for this place! Will definitely stay here again next time!