What to Eat in Seoul, South Korea

One of the best things to do in Seoul is to eat. After many hours of walking around checking out the sights and malls, you want a hearty meal to keep you going. I was in Seoul in August so the weather was cooler, which made it perfect for stews and blistering hot dumplings.

Not everything here was fantastic, this is just a food diary. Also if you go to Seoul, you’ll realise that most people don’t really speak English. But in any case they know you aren’t Korean and will use hand gestures to figure it out.

Lotte Department Store Basement Food Court – Bimbimbap, and Myeongdong Night Market Dumplings

Kinda average, but I had just arrived, and wanted something quick and easy to eat. It was directly underneath the hotel i was staying at. It was a dinner date with a female coupon.

MyeongDong - Lotte Hotel Department Store Basement Bimbimbap
MyeongDong – Lotte Hotel Department Store Basement Bimbimbap

I also had a plate of dumplings in the Myeongdong night market. Was peckish after that dinner

MyeongDong Street Market - Dumplings
MyeongDong Street Market – Dumplings

And more street food at the same market, but different day

Myeongdong Market

Myeongdong Market

Army Stew somewhere in City Hall

I have no idea where this was because  a work colleague ferried me around places for lunch and dinner during the week. The menu was all in Korean and was filled with office workers for the lunch break. They give everyone aprons so that your shirt is still clean afterwards. Delicious meal!

Army Stew somewhere in City Hall
Army Stew somewhere in City Hall

Korean BBQ somewhere in City Hall

Again, no idea where this was. But food was great. We had soju and beer with a good serving of pork, pork fat and kimchee stew.

Black Garlic Shoyu Ramen and Pizza

Yes this was not Korean, but I was hungover after prior night BBQ and needed something kind of small. This was a black garlic shoyu ramen dish.

And still feeling not that great at night, I had a pizza and fries in room service. Felt sorry for myself all day.

Black Garlic Shoyu Ramen - Seoul Food
Black Garlic Shoyu Ramen – Seoul Food
Lotte Hotel - Room Service
Lotte Hotel – Room Service

Korean Fried Chicken, Kimchee cold noodle salad

Its a shame that I didnt write these places down. I spent too much time just enjoying the food! Of course I had to try Fried Chicken from the true source, and of course it was great!

Korean Fried Chicken, Kimchee cold noodle salad - Seoul Food

Korean Fried Chicken, Kimchee cold noodle salad - Seoul Food

Beef Short Rib Soup

This was at an upmarket shopping mall / commercial complex in City Hall. Damn tasty meal especially during the cooler weather. Definitely a foreigner friendly place with its English menus.

Korean Japanese fusion

Final night with the work mate, and we had a fusion Korean Japanese meal. Egg soup (tastes better than it sounds), chicken gizzards (which grew on me as i kept eating them), and Chicken Katsu with Tofu and Kimchee was on the plate.

Seoul Food

Seoul Food

Seoul Food










After walking back to the convenience store post dinner, i noticed that the price of Soju was ridiculously cheap. I made sure to pickup and carefully pack 3 bottles back on my return flight to Singapore (theres a limit of 1L of spirits coming into the country). This equated to about $2 SGD per bottle!

Rice Cakes (Toppoki) with Blood Sausage and Soup

At a random stall in the Bukchon Hanok Village. Great street snack to keep them legs going!

Korean Crispy Pancakes and Dumplings

At one of the entrances of Dongdaemun Market. They have a street section, and a dine in section. Just order from the pictures

Dongdaemun Market
Dongdaemun Market
Dongdaemun Market
Dongdaemun Market

Hangover Soup near Namdaemun Market

What i needed on day 2 in Seoul, but had on my final day. Grandma manning the store pulled me into the restaurant while i was looking for a place to eat. Fantastic eatery, perhaps touristy but still, it was really good!

Hangover Soup - Namdaemun Market
Hangover Soup – Namdaemun Market


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