Expat Moving Abroad to Singapore

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  1. I also worked in Singapore for 3 years 2010-2013…😊 I love-hate relationship but enjoyed the perks, the most important of all. 😜

  2. My partner and I been to Singapore many times for travel purposes. We’ve been thinking a lot of living in Singapore after four or five years but what make us stop is the weather, most specifically the high humidity. Also the cost of living is very high. But Singapore is very progressive country.

    • You kinda get used to the humidity. Exercise becomes a before 9am or after 6pm thing. Alot of time spent in air conditioned restaurants or shopping malls after being outside for a bit 🙂 I do admit the cost of living especially for a rental is quite high compared to other parts of the world.

      • But not for the case of my partner. He has a lymphedema (a collection of fluid that cause swelling on his left leg). Basically, high humidity can trigger swelling :(.

  3. Glenn Lamb says:

    Hi, thanks for following our blog http://www.lambiestravels.com . We lived as expats in Edinburgh for 8 years and loved it. Now traveling full time. Enjoy your time in Singapore 🙂

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