Expat Singapore Living – 6 Months Checkpoint

I’ve been kind of keeping track in a spreadsheet a list of restaurants, shopping malls, hawker centres, and tourist spots that I have been to in the past 6 months while in Singapore. The aim was to be able to plot on Google Maps where I have been really. Of course, I cannot list every little thing I have been to, otherwise i’d be here forever. Doing this would show me where I have explored, and where I haven’t. I remember encouraging expats in Sydney to go explore areas that so called ‘locals’ would visit, and to avoid just staying on the eastern suburbs, beaches, and the city. Time to eat my own words.

Some points:

a) I don’t list the stalls in the hawker centre. I just list the centre itself
b) Same goes for the mall, no need to list all the shops inside.

So what have i found out? I have focused too much on the Central parts of Singapore. Of course there is no way to fill the map with the same level of density as the central part, but i’d like to see some markers all around the country if possible. Places for me to go out and explore more area:

a) East Coast, Paya Lebar, Katong
b) Changi Village, Pasir Ris
c) Serangoon –> Seng Kang, Ang Mo Kio
d) Singapore Zoo and Night Safari 🙂
e) Bukit Timah, particularly the suburb called Cashew:) and the peranikan food in Beauty World
f) Jurong, particularly the Bird Sanctuary, because why not right? Also looks like there is a hiking trail here too
g) Sentosa Island (Been before as a tourist, so have avoided it so far, except for a company retreat…)

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