Japan 2016 – Day Eight – Back to Tokyo Asakusa – Part One

Ryokans and onsens, Yokohama, and the Kanagawa region were nice. But Tokyo is where my love of Japan really shows. Its my second time here, and I still find an endless amount of things to see and do. Tokyo is my favourite city in the world! Off to Asakusa.


After a week away from the bustling lights of Tokyo, we jumped on a few suburban trains back to Asakusa. We were staying at a hotel named Red Planet Asakusa, located conveniently 5 minutes away from Tawaramachi station on the Ginza line. I’ll post something separately about the hotel, as i feel it deserves an honorable mention for being ridiculously affordable for what you get, particularly in Tokyo.

Nakamise Dori

After checking in, we went to Nakamise-Dori, or the shopping streets in Asakusa. Here you will find the usual tourist and souveneer stores selling handheld fans and chopsticks, as well as plenty of snacks to keep you going.


Being a particularly hot day in Tokyo, we settled for some ice cream to start with. Look for the shop with the huge line that seems to do incredibly well.


By this time, I had had enough of temples. Didn’t stop me from having a quick peek anyway (probably FOMO).


Snacks galore inside the shopping street, and outside in the market area! This place sold seafood on a stick, as well as soy flavoured pork strips wrapped around sticky rice on a stick. So tasty!



The missus had read about a melon pan bread shop that was all the rage. We ended up going to the wrong one. I don’t think there would too much variation between the two, but oh well, it was still nice to eat. Think of it as asian sweet bread with a crispy top.



Fried chicken was next of course. We found this little shack on the fringes of the shopping streets. For a measly Y300 we got 4 fried chicken pieces and some potatoes. Great snack! Unfortunately, I can’t seem to remember where exactly it is, and what the name of it is.




And finally something called Fried Manjuu, a fried snack with a sweet filling inside. This one was sweet potato. The place is called Agemanju, its near the front of Sensoji temple entrance. You can’t miss it!