Japan 2016 – Day Eight – Back to Tokyo Asakusa – Part Two

After a bunch of eating at street food vendors, we decided to go for a walk on a bright and sunny day in Asakusa. We found a walking map from a recent Timeout Tokyo magazine, and decided to follow it through. The walk, named the ‘Art Walk’, goes for about 3.5KM and takes about an hour if you spend the time to stop and have a look around. Click the below thumbnail if you want to see the full scan (Full credit to Timeout)

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Asakusa Walking Tour

We started at the Tokyo Skytree after taking the train. Actually, the reason why we went for the walk was because the line for the Moomin cafe was HUGE, and we needed some time to kill.

Asakusa - Tokyo Skytree
Asakusa – Tokyo Skytree

On the walk, there are some interesting art exhibits that you wouldn’t otherwise notice or go past. My favorite was probably the pirate ship exhibit, with a slide that kids of all ages can enjoy 🙂

Asakusa Pirate Ship
Asakusa Pirate Ship

You also go past the Asahi HQ, which you can’t miss (see photo below). I’ve read about people going inside and having a drink, but the reviews haven’t been all that great, so we decided to pass on it.

Asakusa - Asahi HQ
Asakusa – Asahi HQ

3.5KM later, and we were back to Skytree. This time the line for the Moomin Cafe had shrunk a bit, so it was only a 20 minute wait.

Moomin Cafe

Asakusa - Moomin Cafe
Asakusa – Moomin Cafe

Overall its a fairly average Cafe. It serves western style food and desserts in a Japanese way, so its a little off. But most people come here for the experience and the cuteness overload rather than for fine cuisine. The cuteness comes from the fact that they regularly rotate Moomin characters to sit between tables, on empty chairs, and so forth, which adds to the fun.

Asakusa - Moomin Cafe
Asakusa – Moomin Cafe