Japan 2016 – Day Thirteen – Good Eats!

Nearing the end of our trip, we went less on the sights, and more on the food! Probably the one thing that keeps bringing me back to Japan is the quality and variety of the food. You would be mistaken to think it was all rice, ramen, and sushi in this town!


Sorta skipped over this part, but we moved from our Ginza apartment to Hotel Sunroute Shinjuku, which is a popular business hotel that I had stayed at the last time around. Its in a convenient location near the train station, while being in an area a little more quiet for Shinjuku standards.

Today was Harajuku and the foods it offered. I’m sure you have seen all the blogs and photos about Harajuku, so i’ll keep this post short and focus on nice pictures instead 🙂

Pancakes at Eggs ‘n’ Things. 

Come for the desserts, not the savoury food

Pancakes at Eggs 'n' Things
Pancakes at Eggs ‘n’ Things

Ometsando Hills. Commune 246

A trendy area of small popup style restaurants serving american style grease food. Highly recommended to come here for a cheap wine/beer and greasy food.

Fries and Cheese Sauce
Fries and Cheese Sauce
Pizza Flavoured Hot Dog
Pizza Flavoured Hot Dog
Better Shot of Collection 246
Better Shot of Commune 246


Random lol


Zaku Zaku Harajuku

Cream Filled fried snack goodness!



We had dinner at a nice restaurant hidden in a back lane off the main commercial strips of Harajuku named Eatrip. Bookings are required for this place. It is a super chilled out restaurant in a random side street that serves modern cuisine. It’s super tasty, and highly recommended!