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Street wear is king again. Back when I was in my school years in suburban sydney, the coolest shoe to rock was the Air Force 1  High Tops with the velcro strap. Of course, you never actually attached the strap, you left it off to make it more uncomfortable, but more fresh i suppose?

The Air Jordan range of sneakers never entered into our minds, and I don’t think most of us knew what they were. For street wear it was AF1s, and for basketball it was AND1, the now practically defunct basketball sneaker company that at one point seemed more popular than the NBA. The mix of affordable basketball sneakers combined with a style of play not seen by a new audience, tired of the slow paced 1v1 style of the post-Jordan era NBA, made it a temporary commercial success.

AND1 Mixtape Tour - Sneakers now available at your local Wallmart :(
AND1 Mixtape Tour – Sneakers now available at your local Wallmart 🙁

So come 2017-18, the coolest stuff to wear is now Air Jordans, which started way back in 1984. It really is a testament to Nike and MJ that the shoe brand has continued on with even more popularity than in the 80s or 90s.

So during a recent trip to the Philippines we visited a mall called Greenhills. This is the mecca of fake good quality sneakers in south east asia. I have been to similar markets in Ho Chi Minh City where the mass fakes of Nike Roche looked like they would fall apart once you walked a few times in them. These ones in the Philippines felt like the real deal. The locals tell me that Greenhills is more upmarket than Divisoria, another spot for fake Nike merchandise.

Of course, I do not condone purchasing replicas. Its really  up to you if you want to buy them or not. I just can’t imagine dropping $300 – $400 on a pair (compared to $50 – 80) of Jordans to be honest, and that’s why I go for the replicas. And when the replica is so close to the original that only this guy will be able to tell, then its kind of worth it

Homer as a Hypebeast
Homer as a Hypebeast









So this is the first pair i tried buying online. Its from a shop called which stocks really high quality replicas. Its a guy in China who has made somewhat of a reputation on reddit (RepSneakers) as the go to person for Air Jordans. These are the Air Jordan 4s. As you can see from the photos, its virtually indistinguishable to the average joe (me), with an identical box and keychain to match. They did however, set me back around $140 SGD including shipping.

willskicks, willsneakers – Air Jordan 4 - Air Jordan 4 - Air Jordan 4 - Air Jordan 4 - Air Jordan 4

And in comparison, these are from Greenhills in the Philippines. To be honest, I cannot really tell the difference between Wills and Greenhills, but im not enough of a sneakerhead to know. I’m sure there are subtle differences with the stitching and all that..

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