Play Famicom Games on your Super Famicom

So you’ve decided to buy a Japanese SNES (Super Famicom or SFC) either while on holidays or online (eBay, Yahoo Auctions, etc.) and you now want to play the even older classics from the Japanese range.

I’ve read alot of reviews of the Retrobit which seems to be the most popular adapter for this sort of thing (Link here to Amazon page: Retro-Bit RetroPort NES to SNES Cartridge Adapter – Super NES). The problem is that I haven’t found a concrete answer about whether the Retrobit supports Famicom games on a SFC.

The Famicom Solution



That led me to purchase one of these instead (FC adapters POKEFAMI DX/Super Famicom support). Its got a strange name, but in any case, I’ve confirmed that this will play Famicom games on a SFC. You can also find these on eBay as well if you’re lucky.


So hows it work? Its basically a cartridge with a 3.5mm Male jack to a 3 x RCA (Yellow, White, Red) Male cable. The 3.5mm end goes into the Pokefami adapter, with the other going to the TV set. That means you are not using whatever video output is native to the SFC.


Performance wise, its hard for me to say as the only TV i have in the household is one of the newer Samsung LCDs. It doesn’t render as nice as if it were on a CRT but its not bad. The other shame is that since it outputs to a composite RCA, I cannot use my SCART to HDMI upscaler that my SFC is connected to. In any case, its still works fairly well given the technology.


1. Works as described. Plays Famicom on SFC

1. Ugly looking cartridge, which is rare for a Japanese unit
2. Outputs to Composite RCA instead of using the SFC outputs.
3. Expensive, particularly this model.