Playing retro games on modern LCD TVs

Ideal case, buy yourself a cheap CRT on gumtree/ebay/craigslist and you   will be fine. However for many of us, we just don’t have the space to have two TVs in the house (or a dedicated game room).

That makes playing things like a Super Nintendo harder as the picture quality just ain’t that great on an LCD. There is hope though if you’re willing to spend a few dollars though.


I’ve purchased for myself a SCART to SFC adapter to optimise the output from the console. A SCART cable produces a much better quality output than the standard composite (red,yellow,white) cables that come with the consoles. I won’t get into details on why SCART is better than RCA (Great information can be found @, but what is for certain is that the output comes free of the horizontal lines that you would see on newer TVs. I managed to get mine on eBay for around $15AUD

Note – be sure to pickup the correct SCART cable for your console. They are not all the same (Regional differences result in different pin outputs on the cable – Nasty stuff if you use the wrong cable)


Secondly, to get the connection from SCART to your TV (Because what modern TV has SCART inputs??), you can buy a cheap black box that will convert SCART into HDMI. I picked mine up from eBay and from the looks of it, theyre the mass produced stuff from China (Around ~$20AUD).


Unfortunately, I dont have the original composite cable anymore so its hard to do a before / after type thing. But here are some photos of how some games look on a 55″ Samsung LCD LED TV.

Street Fighter Zero 2

Close up of SF Zero 2 scene + Larry Bird shooting freethrows

Super Street Fighter 2

Entire setup with a HORI Arcade stick