Saying Goodbye To Novena

So its been a year now at Novena, and I am glad to finally be moving out of this place.

When we first moved to Singapore, we were put up in a serviced apartment in Dhoby Ghaut. After a few weeks of looking we were finding it hard to get a place in an area we liked, namely Novena/Newton, Botanic Gardens, or Tiong Bahru. Of course we were new to the country and were a little picky. We wanted something in our price range that was close to the MRT, and had some shops nearby so we wouldn’t need to travel far for essentials. We settled on a place in Novena after negotiating about $300 off the monthly rent and we moved in.

At first glance it looked fine. The apartment was well equipped with everything we needed like a fridge, microwave, and even a Japanese electronic toilet. It was very new, on a high floor with a great view, and near a shopping mall and MRT. A fancy gym was on the 24th floor that provided a clear view of the city.

After living there for months, we started to realise what really bugged us about the place. Namely:

a) It was too damn small! At 42 sqm, which includes an oversized and underused balcony, it felt suffocating at times, especially with two people. This studio apartment was more suited to a single person on their own rather than a couple. There was no subdivision so after an argument, it made for an awkward time.

There was no bomb shelter in this place, so no extra storage for the bulky stuff. My suitcases are sitting in my balcony under a tarp to protect it from the rain.

View from the Bed. Yep thats my shitty couch for 2


b) It was too noisy! Just opening the windows in the morning created an earth shattering noise from the outside. So much background noise from cars and air conditioning units was mind blowing. There is always traffic jams on Saturday and Sunday mornings from the parents dropping off kids at yet enrichment classes at the nearby mall.

With sky rises, office buildings, and malls comes ambient noise


c) There’s so many children nearby. Part of point b) the mall is filled with little children running around for enrichment classes. It means it was impossible to get a table or seat at the nearby starbucks because either students were studying there, or parents were camping there while waiting for their kids to finish their classes.

Note, i hate those animal things that the kids jump onto and drive around the already limited foot space of the mall!!

So after our one year lease expired, we decided to move to Robertson Quay. Yes there is no MRT nearby, only buses. And yes the closest grocery store is Cold Storage so we will be busing it to the nearby wet markets for the bulk of our groceries. But it has multiple rooms, a shitload of space, cheaper monthly rent and a sofa that we can relax on without crushing each others legs… So long Novena!

7 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye To Novena”

  1. Robertson Quay is a lovely area. The first time I went to Singapore I stayed in the Park Hotel which is basically there, the second time on Outram Road nearby. Lovely places to eat, not too noisy and nicer scenery than Novena. Enjoy!

  2. Robertson Quay area was also the area that I stayed when I first moved to Singapore. Nice and quiet. Love it! But no cheap food though.
    There’s a nearby MRT station, Fort Canning (Downtown Line) next to Liang Court.
    Have fun!

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