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If you happen to migrate to Singapore, one of the sports you may end up taking up is running. So that might seem counterproductive given how blazing hot it is, but you will be surprised. Running in Singapore very early in the morning (Say, 6- 7 AM) and at night (7PM onwards) is actually quite pleasant. Sure, you will sweat through your workout wear in a matter of minutes, but at least you are not freezing (see Winter) or being burnt to a crisp (Sydney summer).

Also, with the number of fun runs, charity runs, or themed runs happening in Singapore, its hard to not get caught up into it.

Theres many places to run, you just need to seek them out. These are some of the routes ive come to run on a regular basis.

Running Route 1 – Novena Balestier Road (3KM)

One of my least favourite runs because you have to run up and down stairs leading to the front of shophouses. It gets kind of tricky, but if you stay in the Novena area it is a simple route with a good distance for you to do laps in.

Singapore Running Route

Running Route 2 – Marina Bay (3.4KM)

Probably the most popular route in Singapore amongst office workers on a weekday. It is a relatively flat run that has a beautiful skyline for you to observe while you sweat it out. Drinks can be found at MBS in the 7/11, and an uncle has a drinks and ice cream stand at the start of Helix bridge.

If you do want to do a more longer route, consider doing loops around Gardens by the bay as well as Marina bay. Running more than 3 laps around Marina Bay itself does get really stale.

Singapore Running RouteSingapore Running Route







Running Route 3 – Novena to Orchard and Back (8KM)

If I don’t feel like running in the city after work, ill usually do something like below. Run from Novena United Square mall down newton road towards Orchard. After my first time doing this, i usually turn around once i can see the ION orchard building, because its damn difficult to run on Orchard road itself at 7PM (way too many people).

Singapore Running Route

Running Route 4 – Straits Times Run (18.5KM)

This is the longest route I’ve taken to date. Starting from Padang near City Hall, you run towards Kallang and OCBC stadium before taking a detour through to the road leading to east coast park. Before actually veering off into the direction of east coast, you come back into Gardens by the bay to take you onto a scenic run across Marina Barrage before heading back to Padang.

Singapore Running Route

Running Route 5 – Meiji Run Palawan Beach

Would 100% not recommend the Meiji Run. Its a poorly organised event where they try to entice you with free goodies (they ran out) whilst making you run at an incredibly stupid time (4PM sun is out). Whats more is they created this incentive that if you could finish within a certain time, they would give you a cash voucher to redeem more goodies. If they were being transparent they would have told people that halfway through the course they make you run through the beach itself.

Though you are welcome to do this run on your own if you like 🙂

Singapore Running Routes



Running Route 6 – Novena to Marina Bay

When i feel like putting myself through unnecessary pain, i will chose to do an early morning run from Novena through to Robinson Quay. From the Quay i then run along towards Marina Bay and complete a loop there before rushing off to Raffles Place MRT to get the train back home.

Singapore Running Routes

Running Route 7 – 2XU Compression Run

Another variation of a CBD run, this time from the F1 Pit to Padang. After a while, all of the running events based in the CBD feel the same. Actually while writing this post, i realise that I need to find some more running routes to keep me going!

Singapore Running Routes


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  1. I can’t stand running myself, but you inspire me! It would be awesome to run by those amazing Buddhist Temples there in Singapore on the maps! It’s super hot here in Osaka too, everything done in the mornings or evenings. Great post! Thanks!

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