Goals for 2018

Like everyone else starting the new year, we all try to come up with some goals to work towards. Last year was the first year where I had no professional goals, that is, goals relating to my employment.

Especially in the IT sector, it is important to keep up to date with the latest technologies, which often means alot of self research, and getting certifications. In 2017 I decided that i would not have any of these professional goals, and overall i felt a lot happier with what I achieved in a year.

So here’s to 2018 and what I aspire to do.

Goal 1 – Improve my running times

Last year i completed by goal by running the standard chartered marathon (albeit at a terrible finishing pace). I don’t know if I have it in me to train for another 42KM race, but I do think i can do half marathons comfortably. I am aiming for a 2 hour finish time for a half marathon, and to beat my 30 minute timing on the 5.6KM JP Morgan Corporate Challenge.


Goal 2 – Work on overall strength and conditioning

Every year i vaguely have a goal to get more fitter, and improve body toning, but I guess I’ve never had a proper plan to work through it. What I want to try this year is a mix of things to keep the motivation going. Particularly im looking at doing a trial of Virgin Active so i can sneak in workouts during my lunch breaks on the weekdays, and also so I can include more variety on weekends like boxing and spin classes. Its just so damn expensive for a membership in Singapore!

Goal 3 – Continue to travel around Asia

I’m not sure how much longer I will be staying in Asia, so I want to maximise the amount of travel I get done. I already have trips booked for Jakarta, but I also want to visit Chiang Mai and Bangkok in Thailand, Malacca in Malaysia, Hanoi in Vietnam, Yangon in Myanmar, and Siem Reap in Cambodia.

Goal 4 – Work more on this blog

After putting more focus in it in 2017, and having more interesting things to write about compared to living in Sydney, I managed to grow this to about 200 followers. Hopefully i can reach out to a wider audience over the new year.


Goal 5 – Get my Japanese JLPT N5 Certification

Failed to even book the exam in last year. This year i will get this even if it kills me!

Goal 6 – Work on my Cantonese

Having lived in Singapore, i had a thought around learning Mandarin since I heard it everywhere. Since I am already learning a completely new language in Japanese, i didn’t want to bounce around to Mandarin which is equally as foreign to me.

My listening skills in Cantonese aren’t too bad from a conversational perspective. I don’t really understand technical topics, but can kind of get the jist of it. My spoken Cantonese is far worse because I never really had to use it growing up. Actually i learn’t most of my Cantonese from watching soaps with my mum, and re-watching Dragon Ball Z movies on VHS on repeat.


I recently downloaded a copy of the Pimsleur Cantonese beginners course that I am going to try breeze through to test whether i really have a decent listening ability. Based on that, I’ll see if its something I want to continue to pursue.

So that’s six goals in total. Should be easy enough 🙂