Migrationology – Mark Weins Giveaway

I entered a competition on Mark Weins Migrationology YouTube channel and managed to win a prize!

I’ve been watching Mark Weins channel since he had only a few thousand subscribers. From the humble beginnings of the original videos on travelling in Thailand, I watched him eat and pull his ‘mark weins face’ each time he had something delicious.

The series that i still rate as one of the best, and one that really helped me on my travels was the original one on Tokyo. This was when he didn’t have a lot of subscribers yet, and it reflected in his budget. His video eating itineraries were well researched to suit an average budget for someone wanting something cheap for breakfast (convenience store food), lunch (cheap and tasty), and dinner (mid range, but still super good).

His videos are now reflecting someone a bit more mature and well traveled, with of course a higher budget for travel. Of course once you have children, comfort becomes one of the top priorities so he must adjust. I also prefer his videos on travelling in Asia as opposed to the middle east and Europe, but that’s just a personal preference.

So congrats mark on 1,000,000 subscribers. You deserve to reap all of the financial and lifestyle rewards from having an informative channel that is useful for all travellers across the world.

Anyway, if he ever reads this post, thankyou for sending me a free shirt and hat! I’ll have to wear it next time im in Bangkok as a shoutout!