Toy Shopping in Singapore – Plaza Singapura

When you read about toy shopping in Singapore, everyone points you to China Square Central between Chinatown and Telok Ayer. However, one underrated spot near Orchard is in Plaza Singapura, located off the Dhoby Gaut MRT line. This shopping mall has a range of dedicated toy stores that will give China Square Central a run for its money, particularly if you cannot make it on the Sunday on market day.

Plaza Singapura - Toy Shops
Plaza Singapura – Toy Shops

Plaza Singapura sits on the red MRT line, just two stops away from nearby Orchard. Once at Dhoby Gaut, follow the signs until you reach Plaza Singapura. The toy stores are located on the top two floors.

I’ve listed the stores that are worth visiting while you are here. Sorry, they don’t like people taking photos so ive tried to rush it a little. Unfortunately, im not also an expert on toys, and don’t really know what is good value or not. The only thing i really collect are Transformers. I’m simply sharing pictures for you all to see 🙂

1. Simply Toys

The shop to go to if you want Transformers figurines. Has alot of the newer Hasbro releases, as well as Masterpiece range and some random Japanese pieces. Nothing in terms of rare goods, but good stock list. Also has a large range of PopVinyl if you are into that. One of the better ranges in this place.

2. Movie Replicas

Fantastic store all around. Little bit of everything but with a focus on anime (Dragon Ball, OnePiece, Naruto), Star Wars, and Marvel series. Small Transformers section largely focused on Masterpiece range.

3. Toy Closet

Interesting store. This one had a smaller range compared to the other two, but seemed to have more rarer things, from a Transformers range anyway. There were a few Diaclone units there which was a surprise.

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  1. I never have much to add to these cool articles, Singapore might as well be outer space for some random dude from New Jersey! But I had to say that I enjoy them!

    I can’t see toy stores like that every surviving in the states. Seems to be an entirely different culture that doesn’t really like to collect things these days. Sure there are anomalies to that but kids overall seem to be over things in a matter of weeks these days. And oh my god I just aged myself up saying “kids these days.”

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